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Providing solutions that optimize distribution and production operations.

Warehouse Solutions

The best material handling solutions stand up to today’s complex supply chain needs, and by balancing a deep knowledge of your business with industry-leading expertise and a data-driven approach, JR Consulting will provide solutions that optimize distribution and production operations.

The first step in creating solutions for any warehouse design is understanding the business and its needs.

Safety Rack Inspections and Solutions

JR Consulting has the experience to provide a complete warehouse rack inspection.  Safety in storage is somewhat forgotten until a disaster occurs.  We take an upfront approach to inspect your racking and provide a comprehensive report of all locations and the necessary rack repair.  We can also obtain competitive bids for final order and completion with project management. 

Battery Powered Equipment Studies and Solutions

Having more than 40 years of experience with battery powered equipment, JR Consulting can provide battery and charger inspections, recommendations and solutions for failing and costly electric applications.  We can offer this in the material handling or Airport ground support industry.

Fleet Solutions 

JR Consulting can help owners understand and improve their material handling fleet in three key areas:

  1. Understand fleet lease vs ownership benefits and what drives each direction.
  2. Understand the fleet costs, what is driving the costs an what can be done to reduce cost. 
  3. Improve Safety and Productivity during the process.

About Us-

John Roberts, of JR Consulting has over 40 years of experience in the Material Handling and Airline Ground Support Equipment industries.  His vast knowledge of warehouse design and flow allow customers to organize and increase productivity in their operations.  The foundation of JR Consulting is to provide solutions in warehousing, manufacturing, power consumption, and fleet operations that make sense and reduce expense. 

JR Consulting Services and Sales, LLC.

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